communico local gastronomy

communico local gastronomy



Communico is the Latin word for “togetherness” or “sharing”.

Most of the ingredients we need to prepare meals come from
the local producers whom we know personally.

Every time we handle the vegetables and herbs,
the meat and fresh seafood that is sent directly to us from the producers,
we sense that we are getting in touch with a story of life.

When we think of that story,
we naturally give thanks to the hands that prepared the food and
want to share that thanks with our customers through the meals that we prepare.


Horita Daiki

Born in Nara City, Nara Prefecture
Graduated from college and traveled to Italy in order to study at the Bologna Il Sole ( One Michelin star at the time )
Returned to Japan.
After returning he worked at the Kyoto RISTORANTE CANOVIANO, the Ristorante i-lunga and other restaurants.
For nearly one year he studied French cuisine at the L'Embellir
Became abarotz chef
Succeeded the abarotz restaurant from akordu Hiroshi Kawashima and opened it as “communico”.


2-207-1-111 Higashi Ikoma, Ikoma City, Nara 630-0213
No parking
One minute walk from both the Higashi Ikoma ichome and nichome bus stops.
The Nara kotsu bus leaves from both the Ikoma and Higashi Ikoma stations.
It is a 12 minute walk from both the Kintetsu Nabata Station and the Kintetsu Higashi Ikoma Station.

Lunch is served from 12:00 until 15:00 ( stop seating customers at 13:00 )
Dinner is served from 18:00 until 22:00 ( stop seating customers at 20:00 )

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Comminico is hiring kitchen and service staff.
If you are seriously interested in working in the restaurant industry,
please contact us. The contact information is listed below.